Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to clean your 100% Baby Alpaca Chuyo Hats

Alpaca is a natural fiber so it will shink and felt if you just toss it in the washing /dryer machine.
So if you want your Baby Alpaca chuyo hat to last for years Hand Washing is the way to go:
Use cool water and a mild soap (or soft hair shampoo)
Rinse carefully but don't wring or twist
Don't use bleaches  
Dry flat over a towel
If you want to use an iron use it in the coolest setting.

If you want to send your Baby Alpaca chuyo to a dry cleaner choose one that has previously dealt with alpaca.

1 comment:

Almost Precious said...

Good bit of advice and your hats look so soft and warm, think everyone would wish to care for them properly to keep them that way.

Saw your blog on the etsy forums thread about blogs. I think you have a lovely blog and it should turn out to be a very popular one. I have had my blog for over a year and it has taken me ages to build up my followers. I am now one of your new followers. :)

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