Friday, December 4, 2009

Knitting in my family

When my mom was little and hated knitting classes at school my great grandmother would tell her the story about how she also hated knitting when she was younger.
My great grandmother was born on 1901 and her mom and aunts teached her to knit, she would run away from home and hide between the corn plants, she would make a fire and cook them and eat them with chili.
She always said that she was grateful that her family taught her how to knit because when she was older she was able to earn her own money selling her knitting.
When my older sister was in school and my mom would do her homework (she also hated knitting class) my great grandmother always said "you have to learn how to knit, it will be useful someday".
I was not taught knitting on school (I'm younger and my school didn't have knitting classes) I learned to knit at home.
My grandmother can't see well but she still knits because she says that you don't need your eyes to knit.
So my family has a hate-love relationship with knitting

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